CEMETERY BELLS is a new MG project, and the second story set in THEM CLACKITY’s Blight Harbor.

Twelve-year-old Wyatt Shane is supposed to be home alone for less than an hour. But after his parents leave for an overnight trip, Wyatt has an experience he can’t explain in the decrepit family plot on the edge of their property. Then his older cousin Kara doesn’t show up when she’s supposed to. Wyatt’s not afraid, not exactly, but the new house is actually a very old house, and if he’s being totally honest, it sort of gives him the creeps.

On the hottest day of summer, the sun goes down a little too early. When Kara still doesn’t arrive, Wyatt decides to get on his bike and go to her instead. Opening the front door, Wyatt finds fresh snow instead of a bright July sun, and the neighboring farmhouses have disappeared. Worse, someone’s been walking around the front yard. Five sets of footprints lead almost to the front door. But the thing is, they stop there—no tracks in the snow leading away. There’s no one in the yard, but it sure looks like they haven’t left, either.

Back inside the house, Wyatt meets the dead girl who has been there for a very long time. When she tells him, “Don’t let them in,” he decides he’s better off with the ghost he can see than the things outside he can’t. Besides, Wyatt figures he knows all about ghosts—his grandpa has been one for six months. But, as Wyatt discovers, ghosts are like people—you can’t trust them all.

It’s the beginning of a long, strange night for Wyatt. His new town, Blight Harbor, has a reputation. It would have been nice if someone had bothered to tell him.