About Lora

Lora Senf is a wife and a mom to twins. She is also a writer of dark and twisty stories for all ages.

Lora finds inspiration for her writing in her children’s retellings of their dreams, on road trips through Montana, and most recently in an abandoned abattoir and at the Anaconda Smoke Stack. As a young reader, she raised herself on classic fairy tales, John Bellairs, Ray Bradbury, and Stephen King (she read Cujo when she was eight and was simultaneously terrified and hooked).

Today, she still prefers a rainy day and a scary book to nearly anything else. In her free time, you can generally find her reading a book—mostly horror but anything a little weird and unsettling will do. Lora credits her love of words to her parents and to the public library that was walking distance from her childhood home. Lora is an active member of the Horror Writers Association. You can find her spending far too much time on Twitter @Lora013.

Lora is represented by Ali Herring at Spencerhill Associates aherring@spencerhillassociates.com.

​photo credit, Hara Allison