Both dark and hopeful, THE LOSTING FOUNTAIN blends the atmospheric style of Grimm’s Fairytales with the modern appeal of the Wayward Children series.

There is a maybe-angel trapped in the decrepit grain silo on fourteen-year-old Ember’s farm. If Ember doesn’t get her out, she knows her daddy will kill the winged girl. And Ember knows two more things: she’s leaving with the winged girl and going to the Fountain, and they are almost out of time.

Fifteen-year-old Sam hears the Sounds in his head – always has. But now he’s having conversations with the Sounds, and they are leading him to the Fountain.

Sixteen-year-old Miles’ life is uneventful, until two winged kids convince him to come with them to the Fountain to learn what happened to his birth mother.

The Losting Fountain is an ageless place where lost things go when they want to be found, and where their seekers are sometimes led to find them. When their stories converge, the teens discover an island on the threshold of chaos – no one can cross the lake to get on, or off, the island. And the ravenous things that live in the water are no longer compelled to stay there.

Each teen came to the Fountain looking for something, what they find is a fight for their lives. To save the Fountain – and themselves – they trade the monsters they fled for those they’ll fight together.